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Ground Penetration Radar Ground Penetrating Radar or GPR (GPR) is a geophysical method that uses radar pulses to image the subsurface. This non-destructive method uses electromagnetic radiation in the microwave band width (frequency UHF / VHF) of the radio spectrum, and detects the reflected signals from subsurface structures. More information >>
URP Water Technologies has a team of geophysic testification for in-situ drilling tests and technical experts to diagnose them. With immediate geographic availability nationally and diagnostic capability for drilling to 1,000 m, Water Technologies accurately analyzes the hydrogeological state and electromechanical facilities to optimize the exploitation of them and provides turnkey solutions for their setup. More information >>
Tomography The "electric" quadrupole method consists of introducing a continuous electrical current on the surface of the ground through two electrodes of "current". Voltage is measured by another pair of electrodes. From the value of the injected current and the measured voltage, is obtained the "apparent resistivity" of subsoil. More information >>
TDEM Time-domain electromagnetic technology (TDEM) is effective in determining the electrical conductivity in soils from a few meters to 1000 meters and more. From the moment that the conductivity is strongly correlated to soil properties, the TDEM represents an important tool for soil mapping as well as for determining lateral and vertical changes of the properties in them. This method, which can be used in the design of drilling test or profiling, is an important tool in hydrological research in sedimentary/alluvial environments and in the characterization of sequences with the presence of lenses of brackish water into the coastal environment. More information >>
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