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Wells and Probes Water Technologies, along with Perforaciones Ibéricas, has a wide range of own drilling machinery comprising drilling machines with an annual total potential of drilling up to 100,000 m and a depth of 1,500 m. More information >>
Hydrogeology Water Technologies is a leader company in design and development of hydrogeological infrastructure and facilities. We count on engineering and consultancy teams with a strong tradition and experience in conducting hydrological and hydrogeological studies, which places us as a reference company nationwide in these disciplines. More information >>
Geophysics Water Technologies has a team of experts specialized in well logging and geophysical prospection as well as surface, which have the most advanced resources currently available. More information >>
Water Technologies has technical experts in design and deployment of desalination plants and water treatment.

More information >>
Hydrology Water Technologies provides consulting services in surface and groundwater hydrology, resolution of problems related to contamination, water management and hydrological modeling. More information >>
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Water Technologies
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Location C/ Central 13, 3C
Torre Godoy 30100
MURCIA | Spain
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